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Forty percent of GCC’s student population is “nontraditional,指的是25岁以上的人, and are usually juggling many other responsibilities such as full- or part-time jobs, 照顾儿童或长者, 汽车分期付款, 或缩小规模.

Whether you are entering college for the first time, returning after a number of years, 考虑换工作, or returning from military duty, GCC will help you discover your potential.




  1. 透过 招生 网站
  2. 招生办公室 at 巴达维亚 Campus (Room C200) or any campus center.
  3. Mail your completed application to:


You have the option of filling out a FAFSA形式, which will determine if you are eligible for any federal aid. T在这里 will be a link on this 网站 for 纽约 State TAP to apply for state aid. If you have any additional questions, please visit the 金融援助 Office, Room C231 of the 巴达维亚 Campus, 或致电(585)345-6900.


Proof of high school graduation or equivalency is needed for acceptance. Please send the following (if applicable) to the 招生办公室:

  • Official high school transcript
  • If you have Advanced 放置 (AP), you need to request the scores to be sent to us from College Board
  • 同等学历证书复印件
  • Official transcripts from any college that you have attended


Proof of adequate immunization against measles, mumps and rubella is required of anyone born after 1956, who is enrolling for six or more credit hours. Students who do 不 provide such proof may be dropped from registered classes in accordance with 纽约 State health law.

All students registering for six or more credit hours must complete and return a meningitis response form. 它是  necessary to have the meningitis vaccine.

Those who fail to comply with these 纽约 State laws will be prohibited from attending classes.

The 健康 Office phone number is (585) 345–6835 and the fax number is (585) 345–6810.


If you have 不 taken the ACT test, you must take 杰纳西社区学院’s Compass placement test, 哪些是免费的. The placement test can be taken 在巴达维亚校区 or any campus center. If you have taken the ACT and your scores are lower than 19 for English/Writing, 阅读18分,数学18分, we strongly encourage you to take the Compass test. Please contact GCC’s 测试中心 at (585) 343–0055, ext. 6354 or campus center for testing center hours. Please be aware that you will need to have a photo ID with you as well as your Social Security number.


All accepted new students will attend a New Student Registration Session 在巴达维亚校区 or make an appointment at a campus center to register for classes. A letter will be mailed to students containing information about signing up to attend a session. Readmit and transfer students may make an appointment with the Advisement Center at (585) 345–6805 or any campus center.


To qualify for 纽约 State resident tuition, you must submit to the 业务办公室 a certificate of residence each academic year. 应用程序 forms are available in the 业务办公室 or at your county treasurer’s office. Certificate of Residency must be completed no sooner than 60 days before the start of the semester and no later than the 3rd week of your first semester of classes. After that date, you will be charged double tuition fees.


Tuition payment for the fall semester is due the first week in August. Tuition payment for spring is due the first week in January. 杰纳西社区学院 also offers a tuition payment plan. You may enroll online via your GCC myGCC account. If you have any questions regarding your tuition bill, you may contact the 业务办公室 at (585) 345–6590. 杰纳西社区学院 has the right to cancel your class registration if payment or arrangements have 不 been made prior to the due date. 一旦你的课程被取消, you will be able to reregister for open classes after payment arrangements have been made.

Textbooks may be ordered and paid via mail, ordered by phone with a Visa or MasterCard, 穿过校园中心, 或在 书店 在巴达维亚校区. The regular hours for the 巴达维亚 书店 are Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m.– 4 p.m. 周五早上9点开始.m.–3 p.m.

The phone number for the 书店 is (585) 343–0055, ext. 6878. The fax number is (585) 344–3515.


If you have a disability and would like special accommodations, please contact the Center for Academic Progress (CAP) at (585) 343–0055, ext. 6351求助. More information regarding accommodations can be found 在这里.


Your student photo identification card is 免费 and available at the Student Activities Office (巴达维亚 Campus) or at any campus center. ID cards are necessary for general identification, 学生活动, to take exams in the 测试中心, to check out books or equipment in the library, and to use College campus computer labs.


它是 highly recommended that any student taking classes 在巴达维亚校区 obtain a parking sticker, 免费, 在校园安全办公室. T在这里 is designated parking for students with disabilities and students driving motorcycles. Students with disabilities must obtain a 纽约 disabled person parking permit from their town clerk’s office. Illegally parked cars may be ticketed by Genesee County law enforcement officers and towed away at the owner’s expense.


杰纳西社区学院 is pleased to announce the launch of Genesee for Life, an innovative program allowing all GCC graduates to return to take credit-bearing courses, 学费免费, 对生活. Returning students will have the opportunity to prepare for new careers, transfer education opportunities, or to gain new skills for personal pursuits.

“GCC has a history of promoting life-long learning opportunities, t在这里by empowering our students to become leaders in the changing world. Genesee for Life takes that commitment even further.海合会主席海合会博士说. 詹姆斯的太阳. “Now more than ever the world we live in is evolving rapidly, and with that comes the continual evolution of educational and employment opportunities. All students who have graduated from GCC now have the assurance that should they ever wish or need to pursue a new field of study, GCC will welcome them back with free tuition, 对生活.”

欲知详情,请浏览 http://cnjp.vanphongdienmay.com/genesee4life/

Genesee承诺Plus for New Adult Students

GPP Scholarship 资金 is available for either Summer Session. 放置 testing may be required to qualify for courses with prerequisites.


Any adult student who received a GED prior to May 1, 2024 or graduated high school in December 2023 or earlier from any Genesee, 利文斯顿, Orleans or Wyoming County school or from Chesterton Academy of Buffalo, 青年女子大学预科, Royalton一起, 先锋, 史, 荷兰, Wayland-Cohocton, Honeoye Falls-秘鲁首都利马, 利马基督教, 亚克朗市, 西谷, 菲尔莫, Rush-Henrietta, 小麦地辣椒, Churchville辣椒, 布洛姆菲尔德, Brockport, Ellicottville, Franklinville and Barker Schools is eligible to receive a scholarship covering the cost of tuition for one summer 2024 course at GCC.

  • GPP Adult Students must be a new college student. Adult Promise Plus students can不 have transferred from any other college or university, readmitted from GCC from prior enrollment, or be a continuing GCC college student.
  • GPP Scholarship 资金 is available for any on campus Summer Session course.
  • Students who live in the four-county GLOW service area who earned a GED Diploma and never attended college before are eligible for one free summer course, 不论年龄大小.
  • GPP recipients are also eligible to enroll in GCC’s Online courses.
  • 放置 testing may be required to qualify for courses with prerequisites.
  • GPP Adults students must register for Summer and Fall admission. (GCC Admission application is FREE.)


  1. Student must complete and mail, fax or email in the one-page GCC Promise Plus Scholarship 应用程序.
  2. Upon receipt of the Genesee承诺Plus acceptance letter, the student will:
    1. 设置密码
    2. 注册课程
  3. 它是 highly recommended that the student submit a high school transcript.
    • 成绩单可以通过电子邮件发送到 admissions@杰纳西.edu and must come from the student’s high school
    • 成绩单 may be used in place of the Accuplacer placement test to meet prerequisites
  4. 学生必须填写 居住形式.
  5. Parental approval/signature is required if under 18 years of age.


它是 recommended that all GPP Adult Students meet, 虚拟的还是面对面的, with a GCC advisor or a Campus Center associate on an individual basis to ensure eligibility. It should be 不ed that all GPP Adults are non-matriculated students for summer.

Student looking into a microscope


Career Counseling is an essential and ongoing element of career planning. Our mission is to provide assistance in learning the necessary planning, 专业发展, and job search skills in order to be successful in the decision-making process. The 职业服务 Office assists both students and non-students who are seeking employment, 探索不同的职业, or planning their educational path.


Adult Education Opportunity Program

The purpose of AEOC is to provide free support to aid participants in our community in applying to, 资金, and enrolling in further education. AEOC is 在这里 to help you achieve all of your educational and career goals and dreams!