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品牌指引、标志 & 模板




缓冲区是任何其他元素可以放置在GCC标志附近的最小距离. This ensures the logo remains prominent and in an uncluttered environment. The amount of buffer zone is always in direct proportion to the size of the logo, 并且不应该被改变.海合会缓冲区

如图所示,缓冲区由GCC中字母“G”的宽度(或高度)定义. The smaller the logo, the smaller the “G” space.

DO NOT modify the size or location of any individual piece of the logo, 不要扭曲或拉伸商标, 不要省略任何部分的标志(“Genesee Community College”可能会被删除,如果标志太小,文字难以辨认)。.


调色板 & 字体的家庭

There are three approved colors in the GCC Corporate identity: Pantone Black, 潘通285 C, 和潘通117 C. 彩通116 C is an acceptable option for web-based materials.


潘通285 C
潘通117 C
彩通116 C
C 0 m 0 y 0 k 100
C 90 m 48 y 0 k 0
C 7 m 27 y 100 k 12
C 0 m 14 y 100 k 0
R 35 g 35 b 35
R 0 g 114 b 206
R 201 g 151 b 0
R 255 g 205 b 0
#23 23 23
#00 72 CE
#C9 97 00
# ff CD 00


Any version (Bold, Medium, Italic, etc.) of Futura and Museo 在印刷环境中表达GCC品牌时,主要由学院的专业设计团队使用.

一般大学使用的大多数Microsoft Office应用程序和在线环境(如html), the following substitutions are recommended:

  • Any versions of Arial (in place of Futura)
  • 格鲁吉亚(代替博物馆)

Use your discretion when designing text, and remember that clear and legible communication is always the primary goal. The typography should always support the message, rather than impede it.


Official GCC Plaid/Tartan Use Policy & 信息

杰纳西社区学院有一种官方格纹/格子呢,鼓励教师使用, staff, clubs to incorporate into various events, such as fundraising products and services. The plaid image is copyrighted in the U.S. 苏格兰格子在苏格兰国家档案馆的苏格兰格子登记册上登记. 这两份文件都支持保留复制特定格纹图像和格子图案的权利.

The plaid/tartan design was created through the 时装设计专业,由 时尚的商品 program. 协作, 这个设计已经在校园的项目中使用,以鼓励时尚专业的设计理念, to build collegiate spirit and reinforce the GCC brand. 这些项目包括:

  • 男士领带(100%真丝)格子展示柜
  • 男士领结(100%真丝)
  • 女式丝巾(100%真丝)
  • 背心(100%全棉格子织)
  • 苏格兰方格呢短裙(100%纯棉格子织)
  • t恤,短 & 长袖(聚混纺)
  • 袜子(天琴弦/聚脂混纺)
  • 文具(纸)
  • Signage & 标志(纸)

格子的数据库历史日志 & 格子呢织物将保留在我们GCC社区创建的所有项目中,这将作为历史日志以及突出成功产品的资源. 日志将在同一时间跟踪所有正在进行的项目,以避免同一学期/同一学年有竞争产品. There is no cost involved for the plaid/tartan usage.

All items bearing the plaid or tartan weave should include the copyright symbol: © 2015 在每个项目上. 可以打印出来, stamped, dyed or attached on a label as best fits with the design of the project. 字体应该是黑色,白色,或学院特定的十六进制/潘通颜色之一.

新设计的格纹图案或带有学院颜色的新格纹织物不应被视为正式的GCC格纹,也不应被使用,因为它是侵犯现有版权的竞争产品. It is important to keep with the branding theme, 设计和特定的颜色,由学院的市场传播办公室制定. Plaids that are not using the official College colors, such as a pink/red would not be competing or infringing on this Copyright, 然而,它可能需要研究,看看不同的格子或格子是否已经获得版权或注册. 请随时与时尚商业计划联系,讨论格纹/格子呢使用或计划项目的任何方面.

Steps to Requisition the Use of GCC’s Officially Registered Plaid

  1. 完成 GCC格纹/格纹申请表格.
  2. After the application has been reviewed and approved, 格纹图案或格子的织数将提供给要求该项目的负责人.
  3. Vender of choice may be used for product development. Possible vendors could be recommended.
  4. 请确保在产品上的格子上应用或让供应商应用©2015版权符号和版权申请年份.
  5. When project is underway and after it is completed, send an electronic image of the product for the database history log.
  6. If applicable, post any images related to # GCCPLAID 对于在线关注者.

宣传 & 校园活动营销

GCC has a wide variety of ways to promote campus events. 有关通过MarCom营销事件或有新闻价值的作品的更详细描述, 请参阅英文教材第47- 49页 海合会品牌标准手册.



  • 理解“五个W”(谁,什么,在哪里,为什么,何时)并包含这些信息.
  • Time, date, location, title, 联系信息, 与会者费用, general description and uniqueness of event.
  • Adequate notice to the MarCom office is required. 建议6周.
  • Photos of the event make a Press Release more appealing.
  • Our writers benefit from other links, videos, quotes, 或者外部信息来帮助他们理解事件,以便更好地向编辑描述您的事件.
  • MarCom distributes press releases to a number of publications in Genesee, 利文斯顿, Orleans, 怀俄明县, as well as in the Buffalo and Rochester areas. 如果您希望将您的新闻稿发送到这些地区以外的特定出版物, please specify in your press release request.
  • If you’d like to request a press release or other MarCom services, complete the 公关部申请表格.

Flyers & 公告板

  • Pros: Easy to generate paper flyers.
  • Cons: Need multiple copies for bulletin boards all over various campus sites.
  • How to:
    • 巴达维亚的校园 – All flyers must be approved, stamped & posted by the 学生活动 Office. Please 检讨传单指引 在提交传单之前, 因为不符合这些准则的传单将每晚从公告栏上删除.
    • 大学生村 – Flyers can be sent directly to 大学生村 through inner office mail. They will accept 114 – 1/2 page flyers which will be put on resident doors. Contact 大学生村 directly at (585) 343-0163 with any questions.
    • 校园中心 -通过校际邮件发送两份给所有六个校园中心-尺寸:8½x 11”.


  • Pros: Read by anyone in the Forum.
  • 缺点:横幅必须在校外制作,并由个别部门资助, 在订购横幅之前,必须通过建筑物和场地获得悬挂许可.
  • 如何:在悬挂和拆除前处理与建筑物和地面的工单.

myGCC -当前事件模块

  • Pros: Seen by current myGCC users
  • Cons: Users have to be logged into myGCC; not on every page
  • How to: This is from the Events Calendar; your event must already be on the calendar to appear here.

myGCC – Internal (Campus/Personal Announcements)

  • Pros: Can ‘target’ announcements to specific subgroups, very specific subgroups can be created, 可以包含扩展文本.
  • Cons: Reader must log in to see the announcement, when there are too many announcements, 它们“模糊”在一起.
  • How to:  Create a 帮助台 call that includes your edited text.

Marquee (Roadside Video Sign Board)

  • Pros: Everyone sees it when they come to campus.
  • 缺点:非常有限的文本,(10)字或更少,不容易阅读,特别是如果交通移动.
  • How to: 完成公关部申请表.


  • Pros: Read by anyone using a bathroom stall.
  • 缺点:月刊, used solely by the  业务办公室 for general Business process information, not used for general event announcements.
  • How to: Contact the 业务办公室 for more information.


  • Pros: Large screens are easy to see to anyone in the Tech Building.
  • 缺点:这些屏幕只在科技楼,不连接到校园中心.
  • How to: Create a PowerPoint slide with your information. 建议字数不超过20字(显示时间仅为8秒) .jpg file. Email media@vanphongdienmay.com 随幻灯片一起显示,以及开始和结束日期(最多一个月).


  • 优点:在外部网站上公开提供,用户可以订阅日历.
  • Cons: Reader must go to the calendar, text only.
  • How to: Contact the office in which your event “falls” (Records, 学生活动, Theatre, 艺术画廊, Library, MarCom). 为事件创建帮助台呼叫,包括所有信息和编辑的文本.



这些社交媒体指南管理教师在社交媒体上的发表和评论, staff, 和海合会学生组织. For the purposes of these guidelines, 社交媒体 means any facility for online publication and commentary, including without limitation blogs, wikis, and social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, 和YouTube. 这些指导方针补充了任何现有的或未来的大学政策或指导方针十大靠谱赌博平台使用技术, 电脑, 电子邮件和互联网.



在社交媒体上关注GCC,了解最新的新闻、活动、事件和比赛. Include us in your GCC adventures by mentioning us or using #sunygcc.